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PSRx One On One Fitness Pal

One on One Counselor

At PSRx Our Medical Weighloss Program Counselors understand the importance of having a strong support system. What may work for one person may not work for another. What may seem to work for a few weeks may result in a major plateau. Our bodies are well oiled machines, and they are constantly evolving and changing. No matter how well educated you may be, losing weight on your own can be extremely hard. That is why our programs include a one on one weight loss counselor. Our counselors not only help guide you to help you be as knowledgeable and successful as possible throughout our options program, but they are also your coach through the entire duration of the package you choose.

Your counselor

Your counselor manages your weight, water balance, resting metabolism, body fat percentage, and help educate you on what to eat, how to make proper changes each week, and what to avoid. The goal is to teach you how to prep your meals and make the right choices while eating out. By the time you are done with your program, you will have the tools to confidently maintain you weight loss!

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PSRX Fitness Pal Virtual Health Coach
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