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What is the CHICAGO INK Program? 

Our INK (I Now Know) Program is a community outreach initiative designed to provide safe, effective, free tattoo removal on the hands, neck, and/or face of people who were formerly incarcerated, gang members, or survivors of human trafficking. For every new client that purchases a package, PSRx donates one free tattoo removal treatment to our INK Program. This is a substantial amount, as some tattoos can take as many as 8-12 treatments spaced out 6-8 weeks in between to be completely removed.


Old tattoos can often be a painful reminder of a life left behind. Through our INK program, we help our participants remove those daily reminders of darker days, leaving room for a brighter future and ultimately, a better version of themselves. We want to empower people who’ve had the courage to change and help them feel confident when seeking employment.


We ask that you consider partnering with PSRx Body & Skin  in helping us expand our INK program to help further the rehabilitation of those in need. Our direct application link is below. Typically this form is to be completed by the person who would like to participate in our program.


If a member of a rehabilitative/ non-profit organization wishes to be the direct contact for a potential INK Program participant, we ask that their information be placed into the Case Worker/Advocate section of the application so we may contact them.


For additional information or questions concerning the INK Program please contact Roni Bolton via email at

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