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Botox For Hair Growth

Botox injections into the scalp have been shown to help improve hair density or thickness.  The Botox injections relax scalp muscles, which enhance blood flow and increase delivery of nutrients to the hair follicle. 

Botox now has a new use and it is being used as a cosmetic treatment for hair restoration. Botox hair injections help to strengthen and enhance your hair’s appearance. When injected directly into the scalp, Botox has shown that it can increase the blood flow and elevate the amount of nutrients that are delivered to your hair, which makes your hair denser. This is only a viable treatment option for those who have hair follicles that are still alive. 


Depending on your specific situation, we may use this treatment alone, or in conjunction with other treatments. Botox hair injections work best for those with alopecia areata, which is a specific kind of hair loss. We will discuss your hair goals and establish the best treatment plan. 


Botox hair restoration is very appealing to patients, since hair growth can happen with having just a couple of treatments a year. Botox may also stimulate and promote new hair growth and may even prevent a patient from experiencing more hair loss. 

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