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PSRx Body & Skin Facials

Uncover a new layer of skin with our greatest protocol facials: Hydro facial delivers instant and long-lasting results by gently exfoliating and hydrating your skin. It has 3 steps and takes just 45 minutes for the treatment. Other facials we offer include:

  • Hydro Facial

  • Precise Acne Facial

  • Precise Acne Body Facial

  • Signature Facial

  • Jelly Facials

  • Cleanse, peel and exfoliate your skin

  • Extracts dead skin using painless exfoliation for maximum glow

  • Address skin concerns with customized Boosts

  • Restore your skin health by infusing antioxidants and peptides

Free consultation with a PSRx Body & Skin Specialist 877-622-PSRX

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