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PDO Thread Lift

Thread Lift 


A thread lift is a type of procedure wherein temporary sutures are used to produce a subtle but visible "lift" in the skin. Instead of removing the patient's loose facial skin surgically, we simply suspends it by stitching up portions of it. This has the effect of pulling the skin back slightly and therefore lifting and tightening the face. In addition to being ideal for lifting the skin, threads combat aging in another way: by provoking the body's "healing response" and causing the body to direct large surges of collagen to treated areas. This is important because of the vital role collagen plays in the aging process.

Other PDO Thread Services.

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SMUTH Threads

Our Smuth S threads are smooth PDO threads that are loaded into a sharp needle. These PDO threads are great for filling and tightening and can be used all over the body and face.. Smuths are dependent on the size of the area being treated. The smaller the treatment area, the shorter the length of the thread needed.

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